A Vogue Dior Pattern

It is about time I wrote about something in my pattern stash.  Dior of course.  I bought this pattern mostly to see what level of construction detail there was.  There is some lovely wording on the envelope flap:

So now you know – sent from Paris to New York and copied.  Definitely a Dior.

Did I get what I wanted in construction details.  Yes and No.  M. Dior of course wants pad stitching on the collar, but just assumes you know how to do it.  So it is more of a command than an instruction. Blog March 18 Dior Pattern 3

Plus he is pretty fussy about the buttonholes:Blog March 18 Dior Pattern 4.jpg

That’s quite a neat summary of how to do a bound buttonhole squished onto a pattern sheet.  I don’t think I’ll be making it, but I like owning the pattern.  Still lots of pictures from the Paris exhibition not uploaded yet.  Here is some real Dior tailoring: Blog March 18 Dior Coat There must be some fantastic interfacing and pad stitching for the peplum to curve the way that it does.!






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