Anyone for tennis?

In Wimbledon fortnight I have played no tennis but, in the heat, been flicking through my 1930s French fashion magazines.  From Le Record de la Mode June 1933:Blog July 17 tennis outfits

From left to right we have a Manteau de Tennis in lainage blanc a boutonnage double (rather hot for Wimbledon, I think), a Complet de tennis en shantung (I wonder if that is washable?) and finally ‘la tenue ideale pour le tennis’, a Robe en toile blanche (I reckon you could actually play in that one).

In case tennis isn’t your thing, how about a spot of golf from the cover of Modes et Traveaux February 1933, outfit by Molyneaux?

Blog July 17 golfing outfit

Or, for Scotland, shooting with Le Jardin des Modes, Groupe des Publications Conde Nast (still going strong with Vogue) from 15th August 1930:

Blog July 17 shooting outfit


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