A Balenciaga suit

The Balenciaga exhibition at the V & A was focussing on construction, so when we get to an elegant wool suit it is shown off with tailoring tools

Balenciaga Suit 1and the all-important side view:

Blog June 17 Balenciaga suit 2

According to the talk I went to, the V & A has a healthy selection of Balenciaga as Cecil Beaton was a big fan, and somehow or other, he dragooned people into donating clothes to the V & A.  For those women lacking a society photographer and a Paris couturier, there is always a trusty sewing pattern.  Two interesting features of this suit are the curved seam across the front, and that rather large but controlled collar.

Here’s a 60s pattern which mimics the curved seam:

Balenciaga suit pattern 2

And another item from the 60s, with a decently large collar:

Balenciaga suit style 1

This looks a bit air-hostessy in the blue and white, I think.  But done in that soft tweed Mr Balenciaga was using, it would be an altogether different kettle of fish.



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