Dressing up a dressing gown

Inspired by Mr Givenchy’s relaxed dressing, I have pulled this number out of my pattern stash:

Blog May 17 forties dressing gown 1

Vogue are right on the money here with “house coat OR evening wrap.”  Being Vogue, producing patterns in the days of many professional seamstresses working from home, they are not compromising on top-notch sewing and luxury details.  So, for a lined coat, even in a dressing gown, there needs to be a back pleat in the lining, which allows ease of movement:

Blog May 17 forties dressing gown 2

Here’s one from one of my own jackets:

Blog May 17 jacket back pleat

Outer fabrics, particularly wool, are softer than lining, and the pleat lets the lining hang not too loose, not too tight.

Then we come to embellishment.

Blog May 17 forties dressing gown 3

I love the way “fur and buttons” come together in the heading.  Looking at the pattern I think it might be just what Cruella de Ville had in mind for the 101 Dalmatians.

And, as the last post was looking at a touch of gender neutrality in dressing gowns, here is a man’s pattern:

Blog May 17 man's dressing gown

Always interesting to see the difference in the way an illustrator picks accessories for a man – so we have the swotty glasses in one view, and the swotty book in a second.  My favourite pose, though, is the one at the back with a distinctly macho stance.  So we have Clark Kent and Superman, but in the evening at home, Clark is winning out with the bigger illustrations.



One thought on “Dressing up a dressing gown”

  1. The postures that women as opposed to men are shown are pretty binary and sexist, sigh! I hope her men’s bathrobes made Mrs Geary very happy. They seem to be pretty much the same pattern though (just different lengths?) and not nearly as interesting and intriguing as the gloriously glam womens’ “house coat OR evening wrap”, woot! I am very intrigued by the pattern. The central panels that go up beyond the waist and form the V-shape: fascinating.

    I had also decided recently that I simply must try out this sort of neckline. Is it called a swan neck? I haven’t yet identified the pattern that I want to use, but it’s most definitely on my list of things to be on the look-out for.
    Fabulous patterns again, thanks so much for posting!


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