That 1930s blouse pattern

The 1650s doublet reminded me of this pattern because of the opening in the sleeve seam – in the 1930s for a hint of flesh rather than an undershirt (although I fancy making it with a flash of silk chiffon under the slash)Blog April 17 1930s blouse 1 (front pattern cover)

And not many pattern pieces:

Blog April 17 1930s blouse (back pattern envelope)

I also like the fastening detail, with concealed closing at the gathered neck and button loops down the front (no buttonholes – hurrah).  To see how it is done – having already gathered the front neck opening “between the dots” as you do –

Blog April 17 1930s bouse 5 (buttons loops)

Then it is on to the facings.  Here we come across one reason for so few pattern pieces on the envelope.  The front facing is a given pattern piece as the neck edge has to be gathered to fit it, but the back facing is pretty simple so Butterick smugly tells you to trace one off the back pattern yourself “the same width as the front facing”.  What do you expect for 25 cents?

Blog April 17 1930s blouse (front facing)

Blog April 17 blouse pattern 7 (button closures 7)

So, after that hard work making hand-worked loops for the hooks and eyes it will be off to ebay to “trim with a novelty clip”.


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