A fifties onesie – jerkin and blouse

I’ve picked this one because Giselle commented on my last pattern pick that she had thought the blouse and jerkin were sewn as one.  They weren’t with that one but it set me off to my pattern stash to fish out this:blog-feb-17-1950s-blouse-pattern.jpg

Yes, the blouse and jerkin are sewn as one this time.  Plus – I know it’s only an illustration but what great 50s sunglasses.  The ‘blouse’ bit on this one is sewn into the neckline and finished with bias binding.  Here we go (this comes under the heading of “interesting for those who are interested in this sort of thing”):






One thought on “A fifties onesie – jerkin and blouse”

  1. Ooh name check! That teaches me to check my favourite blogs more often!

    This is a really intriguing pattern, thanks so much for posting the sewing instructions. I am really taken with how detailed they are. Quite incredible.

    And yes, I love the sun glasses too! Tremendously stylish.


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