Jackie Patterns 2

It takes a while to sift through many 1960s patterns to find the most ‘Jackie’ one, perhaps because she is such an icon of the period that any classy suit is going to make you think ‘Jackie K’.  I’ve picked this:blog-feb-17-1960s-pattern

My reason for choosing it is the blouse rather than the suit.  The blouse was the reason I bought the pattern because I like the wide face-framing collar – the way it fits under the suit is a bonus.  Like Natalie Portman’s red suit, it is a pull-over design, and the collar section fits into the main part of the blouse like a bib.  Here are the pattern pieces set out on the instructions:


This shows that the two centre front pieces overlap where they join the main part of the blouse at the front.  Here’s a detail from the instruction explaining that:blog-feb-17-blouse-pattern-instructions-1

I think it looks cool, and it would be a very good make for any home sewer who dislikes fiddling with zips and buttons.  That does mean it has to pull over the head, though.

I haven’t made one up but I think it might look cool with the collar/yoke in white and the rest of the blouse in a striped shirting for work – then again, it is difficult to fault a decision to make up the whole thing in white (or off-white, cream..).



3 thoughts on “Jackie Patterns 2”

  1. How utterly intriguing!

    The blouse yoke looks positively insane but I think that is caused by the inward pointing notches that confuse the outline of these yoke pieces. The collar piece looks like it is oriented at 180 degrees from the yoke, I believe you would have to rotate it to upside down for how it fits together?
    The concept of a bib (plus sleeves) that is sewn to the contrast material top is really interesting. I must say that I like the thought of not having to do buttonholes or zips. I wonder what other design ideas could take advantage of this. Really intriguing!

    PS: I was thinking of making up a sort of ‘slip-under’ piece that looks like a blouse but doesn’t come down very far at the centre front. I would like to design something that would not be sewn to the ‘tank’ top and could be combined with different ones. A press stud or button somewhere might help to keep it in place and prevent riding up.


    1. I think the pattern pieces make it look simpler than the instructions, which is why I included both. I think it is basically like sewing a semi-circular yoke into the front of a blouse, but with an overlapping bit where the front sections cross.


      1. Oh yes, I misunderstood. There are front and back blouse pieces with bust darts, I thought that the yoke and sleeves would be sewn to the yellow top (but that doesn’t have those bust darts).
        I bet that the instructions are needed to understand how the overlap works and where the collar goes.

        The long, slanted waist darts in the yellow top and grey jacket are very interesting as well. They probably eat up huge amounts of fabric but must be quite flattering. I haven’t tried darts shaped like these yet but want to. It’s also interesting to see that the jacket has short bust darts in addition to these long waist darts.


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